Looking ahead to another Vets season…

Last season the mighty TWRFC veterans continued to impress (themselves) by not only reaching the final of the Late Red (old farts) Cup again but also, and just as importantly, by turning out Saturday by Saturday to ensure the club gets four sides out. Yes; from the 4s to the 1s the mighty Vets are ever present at the senior level, willingly setting aside false teeth, sock garters and anusol tubes, to don the blue and white (or pink, silver and black on vets days) and bring glory to the club. That last season’s vets final was played by an army of crumbling men, most of whom had played the day before, spoke volumes. 

This year the aim is twofold. To finally lift that accursed cup and to avoid all and any fixtures to Thanet away. Oh and we also aim to keep the beer flowing….old school drinking sessions are in. Rob Harrison, by contrast, is out (of the closet).

For the uninitiated the vets is primarily a social side, comprised of men of varied ability, where all are welcome (except for Rigby!)

As captain I strive to give everyone some minutes on the pitch. Not always easy given the huge level of gorgeous talent available.

So if you are over 35, enjoy your rugby. drink beer (and can put up with shoddy banter on Whatsapp)…If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you should join “the vets team” 

I love it when a plan comes together!

First game- a friendly at Cranbrook. Sunday September 9th. Dress Code ‘loud and proud’ followed by a party. Get in touch if you want to get involved.

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