Pitch Allocations

Sunday 10th December – OOD U15 Matt Wilkey & U14G Martin Greeves

Hi all,

This weeks allocations can be found below but please note the information below about parking and parents on the pitches.

Weekly Allocations and Times

Generally the sessions work with these timings:

Club Session 1: 0900 x 1030         Club Session 2: 1045 x 1230

TWGSB 3G Session 1: 1000 x 1130       TWGSB 3G Session 2: 1130 x 1300 (When we use it)

SKPS Session 1: 1000 x 1130 SKPS Session 2: 1130 x 1300 (When we use it)

Directions and other guidance for the 3Gs can be found below:

Academy /U17
Academy /U17
U11/ U15
U11/ U15
U9 / U12G
U9 / U14G


Age GroupPlan
U6SKPS 1000 x 1130
U7SKPS 1130 x 1300
U8SKPS 1000 x 1130
U9Home Training 0900 x 1030
U11Home v Uckfield
U123G 1000 x1130 / (White) Away v Dartfordians
U13(Blue) Home v Sevenoaks KO1100 / (Gold) Away v Folkestone
U143G 1000 x 1130
U15Home v Sevenoaks KO1115
U17Home v Old Allyenians Colts KO1130
Ladies U12Home Training 1045 x 1230
Ladies U14Home Training 1045 x 1230
Ladies U18Away v Aylesford
AcademyHome Training 0900 x 1030
Ladies 3G 1130 x 1300

Parking with the number of players we have is tricky. Please try and avoid the club where possible as parking is limited and we need to reserve spaces for head coaches with their kit. Please also park courteously and respect our neighbours who have to put up with a fair bit of disruption each weekend. Please be polite to the volunteers who help with parking. It is not their fault that parking is so limited at the club!

Parking is reserved for coaches with their age group kit only in the top car park next to the club. It is important this is kept clear or else sessions will run late and it is not fair on those coaches to carry vast amounts of kit for long distances. We will have people assisting with parking at the club. It is not reserved for coaches who bring one item of kit as that can be carried.

We now have over 750 members across the youth and ladies section which is fantastic for the future of the club and, together with the volunteer coaches and managers, the youth section is thriving. It does mean there will be a lot of people at the club across both the sessions. Please ensure the players have the space they need and coaches are able to run their sessions properly. Also, after your session, if you are not hanging around please vacate quickly to allow the next session in. If you are staying (and it would be great if you did) the cafe and bar will be open. 

My huge thanks as always go to the coaches and other volunteers who create the fun, enjoyable and inclusive environment that TWRFC promotes and, of course, to the players and parents who support the club so well. Please do remember that everybody is a volunteer so please respect them when they are directing different activities or helping out in the cafe.




TWRFC Youth Chairman