Our aim is simple – to make training, playing and learning rugby as much fun as possible, whilst trying to instil core rugby values.  Teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

We have around 50 members in our age group of which 30 or so have been together since U6.  We always welcome new players of all abilities from complete beginners to aspiring national legends.

We’re supported by a dedicated team of 10 coaches who like the players range in size, ability, skill and poor sense of humour

What can you and your child expect?

  • Learn new skills each week, get active and meet new friends in a safe and fun environment
  • Attend numerous matches against local clubs throughout Kent each season and organises joint training sessions with other local clubs
  • We organise trips each year to a premiership match or other matches for the whole family
  • Social nights for parents
  • End of season tour – an absolute highlight and something of folk law

To all the players, coaches, parents and helpers; new, returning or seasoned campaigners, thank you for your work, your enthusiasm and your continuing passion for the game.

New Players Always Welcome

Training is Sunday 10am-12pm, usually at St Mark’s Ground, Frant Road, TN2 5LS

Please feel free to contact either Matt or Gavin with any questions.

Team Manager: Matt Wilkey              07717 295 213            mattwilkey@icloud.com

Head Coach: Gavin Stedman           07522 207 025            gavin_sarah@talktalk.net