100 Club

The rules of the Lottery are as follows:

The promoting society (under the requirements of the Gambling Act 2005) will be Tunbridge Wells Rugby Football Club (TWRFC).

The designated promoter of the lottery will be Alan Skinner of 205 Forest Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 5JA. e. mail skinners205@tiscali.co.uk tel: 01892 549235. In any dispute, the decision of the promoter will be final.

Membership of the 100 Club will be open to any member of TWRFC, over the age of 16, particularly including the parents of Junior and Mini members.

The price of a share will be £10 per month paid in advance by Standing Order. There will be no limit to the number of shares a member might buy from the 100 available. Each share shall be numbered and that number will belong to the member to whom it is allocated as long as he or she is a member of the 100 Club. Members must be over the age of 16 years.

The draws will be held monthly on the last Saturday of every month in the Clubhouse. Assuming a membership of 100 people there will be, annually, 10 monthly prizes of £300 and £100, and 2 monthly prizes of £1,000. The first £1,000 draw will take place 5 months after the first draw.

No 100 Club member will be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received by the 5th working day of the month in which the draw is taking place. Participants can cancel their membership at any time by giving 1 month’s written notice to the promoter. Any decision by TWRFC to wind up the Club will also be by 1 month’s written notice. Under no circumstances can any payments be refunded.

In the event of numbers falling below 100, prize money in total over the year will amount to 50% of the money collected. If substantially more than 100 TWRFC members wish to join the 100 Club consideration will be given to enlarging the Club, and increasing the prize monies commensurately.

Prize winners will be notified individually, with prize monies being paid by cheque through the post and only to the person holding the winning number. The draw results will also be placed on the Club website.

TWRFC reserves the right to amend the rules of the 100 Club, from time to time, as may be necessary.

The 100 Club will be a good way of raising much needed funds for the Rugby Club, initially for the Clubhouse development, but will also give members the opportunity of winning substantial cash prizes. All that for less than the cost of a pint a week.

To join in, you will need to click on the pay monthly or pay annually option online HERE to authorise payment or alternatively fill in the attached form and return it to the address shown on the form. The forms will then be held until at least 80 members have joined the scheme before being released to your bank. It is anticipated that the first Standing Order will go out on the 1st September 2010 with the first draw taking place at the end of that month. Draws will take place monthly thereafter.
To emphasise the social aspect of the Club a free 100 Club buffet lunch will be held in the Clubhouse before a 1st XV League game during the season. The Club will try to arrange this to coincide with one of the 2 £1000 draws.