Geoff Casely 07/01/1969 – 10/07/22

For those of you that have not already heard, the club is deeply saddened to have to announce that Geoff Casely passed away peacefully in his sleep last week. Club member and close friend Mav Anderson has kindly written a tribute from him and on behalf of everyone at TWRFC…..

“Geoff was a long-standing member of the club and many of you would have played alongside him in the minis, juniors, senior sides (1-6) and also the Vets. On the pitch I will remember him as a formidable second row/back row player who loved to make big hits at Rucks and in Tackles and I have many fond memories of playing alongside him in my late teens and early twenties, notably in an unbeaten season for the 2nd team in the mid 90s and also for the first team in the early 2000s. I have always lovingly known and referred to Geoff simply as Unit.

Some of you may not be aware but throughout his teenage years and twenties Geoff was also a very successful swimmer and water polo player representing Tunbridge Wells Monson club, winning many Medals at National and European level. He was also a very successful martial artist being a black belt in several forms and again won medals at International, European and world level.

Geoff was a legendary TWRFC Tourist who would always be one of the first to get his place reserved as soon as a tour was announced. He was never afraid to take his fines and would always fully engage in all tour antics. Once he had retired from playing Geoff was a loyal supporter of the club who would regularly be found on the touchline, at the pre match lunches or just in the bar with his friends enjoying being part of the club. I was reminded of a story today that summed up how much TWRFC meant to Geoff. On his wedding day to his first wife, Geoff got married at lunch time and then went to the club and played rugby in the afternoon. I am not sure even the most loyal of us would dare have tried that on our wedding day.

In life Geoff was a gentle giant, he was kind and had the most wonderful warm and welcoming personality, he would do anything to help anyone. He was a wonderful story teller with an extraordinary ability to recount tales of games we had played together or drunken nights we had been on many, many years ago.

Geoff had been through some tough times over the past few years but I am so proud of how he managed to pull himself back to a good place. He had recently completed a mental health first aider course to assist with his life coaching business which he set up as he was passionate about helping others, who were going through difficult times.

In a recent message he sent to me, it simply said “The Unit is Back” after knowing all he had been through, I will take great heart in knowing that in the end he died peacefully in his sleep at peace with himself, he won and he never gave up.

On behalf of all of TWRFC I would like to send our deepest condolences to Geoff`s sister, Venetia and his children: Imogen, Sebastian, Matilda and Tabatha, may they find comfort in knowing how much their brother/dad meant to us at the club and that there will always be a warm and welcoming place up at St Marks for them to come up to, to share some lovely stories of their brother and dad.

Rest in Peace my friend”

Maverick Anderson 14th July 2022


  1. Keeping a now distant eye on the club’s activities, I wished I’d heard better news.
    Having played for a few years alongside the big man in the late 1990’s I feel very sad with the news; yet I keep fond memories of Geof’.
    “C’est la vie” … yet this one deserved to last longer, I dare believe.
    I appreciate Mave’s tribute.
    Warm regards to the rest of you,

  2. I have only just seen this. Mav, thank you, this is just beautiful. He loved you like a brother, and your family too. He had such a huge heart. This is the most beautiful tribute to him. Thank you xxxx

  3. Mav lovely words and thoughts, Geoff as often spoke of you and others from the rugby club. I’m Shamas from up north I will look forward to sharing our outrageous stories of Geoff.

  4. I met Geoff years ago when he came to to show off his karate and fishing skills here in Canada. We became friends and spent some great days fishing and even snowmobiling. I just learned of his passing yesterday and I am very sad to hear of it. His athletic talents were quite notable as some of his karate moves amazed me.
    Please accept my deepest condolences from a friend in Canada. I regret not going to England to spend time with him. RIP bud.

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