Brand Guide

The following guide has been put together by the marketing team, to try and promote a consistent feel to any publications representing the TWRFC brand. This page is also intended to act as a resource and repository of assets.

TWRFC marketing & social-media is operated on a permissive basis. There is no ‘editor review’, if you’ve been given access then you are trusted to post; please consider yourselves empowered; the more great content the better. If you a posting website/social media there is a more detailed guide.


The marketing team work pretty closely together, but the best contacts relating to any particular area are:

  • Marketing – Drew
  • Press – Graham
  • Photography – Bruce
  • Social Media (including Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) – Michelle
  • Newsletter & Comms – Michelle
  • Video Production – Mac
  • Website & Tech – Martin
  • Match Programmes – Fran


  • The logo is a core part of TWRFC brand, please use one of the below logos without modification (i.e. do not remove the text-tag-line). If, for whatever reason, these do not fit your circumstances, please contact Michelle in the first-instance.
  • TODO: I am hoping Michelle can provide an alternative logo with an extra tag-line space (for tours etc.)
  • Hi Res TWRFC Logo


The marketing team have elected to standardise on usage of the #tags below (usage of these is case sensitive).

  • #oneTWRFC
  • #COYW
  • TODO: What (if any) other logos do we use?


TemplateFormatUsage / Comments
IndesignTODO: I almost have this – will touch up the most recent Fixture flyer and use as a template.
PowerpointTODO: I also almost have this – will touch up the most recent match-day video and use as a template.


FontAvenir Black
Logo Pantones

Content Guidelines

When publishing please consider:

  • That the publication represents the public image that TWRFC wants to maintain (we are a friendly family club, and want to continue to attract new members and supports from local area).
  • If you are posting images of minors consider the privacy policy and TWRFC Youth Policy. As a minimum check with the applicable age group coach/team manager.
  • Only use images/content which we have the rights to (i.e. that aren’t copyright restricted). NB: Bruce is generally happy to allow us to use his photos to promote the club.

Content Formatting Guidelines

For online usage consider keeping core content in the safe area

Stock Images/Backgrounds

TWRFC media content can be found in the following locations:

  • Online library of stock backgrounds
    Curated library of images/background images for general stock-use.
  • Bruce’s TWRFC site
    Public access, but water-marked, and download disabled. Bruce is general happy to provide older images without watermark if asked.
  • TWRFC Website media library.
    If you need access please ask Martin.
  • TWRFC Marketing Google Drive
    Contains all of the content that the marketing team have amassed. Ask Bruce for access.
  • Bruce’s 2019/20 Photo Google Drive
    Contains all shots he has taken this year. Ask Bruce for access

Affiliations & Accreditations

We are entitled to use these logos of organisations with which we are affiliated.

NB: We are not accredited or affiliated to Club Mark
TODO: I can’t find us in the Club Mark database – but am confirming with board, there must be a reason it used to be on our website.